Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cash payments allowed to companies increased

In the end of June a new law ammending the Law on Entrepreneurial Activity and Enterprises entered into force. It modified the provision of article 10 of the aforementioned Law setting the limits for cash payments (as opposed to bank transfers) allowed to companies. 

Before these modifications the maximum sum that a company had been allowed to pay to another company in cash was only 1 000 Moldovan lei for every single transaction. This provision set very significant boundaries to companies wishing to make cash payments as the violation of this rule entailed rather severe penalty of 10 per cent of the sums paid

After the modifications had been adopted and came into force the limits for cash payments were set at the threshold of 100 000 lei a month. So, right now regardless of whether it is a single transaction or a series of operations the overall sum of money paid in cash in a month by one company to another should not exceed 100 000 lei

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